If you can’t make it on time, please let us know as soon as you can. If possible, we will allow your group to play the room, but since the next time slot may be booked, there may not be enough time for you to finish the adventure. If we can we will accommodate you.
All sales are final. No refunds are permitted for cancelled bookings or participant that does not show up. You may reschedule your booking up to two times at no extra cost. Rescheduling is only allowed 48 hours prior to initial booking. Rescheduling is also allowed 24 hours prior to initial booking but a rescheduling fee (30$ per group) will be charged to compensate last minute empty time slots.
Our games were created for groups of 2 to 6 players.
While it is not absolutely necessary, we highly recommend booking ahead of time to ensure your time slot is reserved so you and your group are available. You could call us or simply stop by and we will gladly greet you for a game if rooms are available.
Our minimum rates for 2 players is 00.00$ + taxes and the more players book, the cheaper the price per player becomes. A full room (6 players) costs 00.00$ per player.
No, our games are not haunted house concept. We have created our scenarios without any scare or high stress factors. Instead, you will be immersed in an adventure from which the only stress you will fell will be your desire to succeed within the allowed time.
You and your team members will have a full hour to complete the quest. You will be able to see your remaining time thanks to the timer which you will find in our rooms.
 This experience is recommended for ages 12+. Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
We highly suggest you arriving at least 15 minutes before your scheduled booking so we can brief your team with instructions and get you ready for the adventure.
The only thing you need to bring is your good humor, your sens of adventure and observation. We will supply all the fun you need to have a wonderful experience. Please note that wintertime, we ask you bring a pair of shoes.
Great! If you find standard escape rooms too easy to complete, you could let us know and we could increase the level of complexity for the clues and puzzles. Also, Our game master normally provides hints to help you progress through the room, if you wish to make the experience more difficult, let him know and he will refrain from providing help unless you're stuck and can’t move forward.
While many of our props and puzzles are hands on, it is important to know that none of the puzzles require any brute force, crawling, jumping or physical effort. If you have the strength of a 4 years old, you can accomplish all physical tasks in our games.
Picture taking is not allowed in any of our rooms. We wish for every customer to discover the games, decors and clues while in the room. Don’t worry, plenty of time will be allowed for picture taking after the experience is complete.

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