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and original gift

Do you want to offer an original gift that is sure to please? Offer one of our missions. Whatever the occasion, Exit Evasion will offer a unique experience! The beneficiary can reserve the mission of his or her choice (at the day and at the time that suits).

With just a few clicks, choose the amount you want to offer, then you will receive by email the gift card to print or send it directly to the beneficiary.

The amount will be applied to the total amount of his/her reservation.

Exit Evasion adventure

Our missions

Prisoner on a forbidden island

Hangover in Vegas

Exit Evasion is an escape game that offers a unique immersion experience.
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We are ready to see you
But for your and our safety, some rules are needed:
You :
  • Should not have any symptoms of the COVID-19
  • Should have applied the 14 days quarantine if you travelled, you have been in tested positives or have been in contact with someone who has been tested positive
  • Will wash you hands when you will enter our site and before entering the game room
  • Will regroup outsides with your team mates and enter our site 10 minutes before your game time

  • We :
  • Supply hydroalcoolic solutions and soap!
  • Will welcome you with a visor, and at 2 meters, respecting social distancing
  • Will desinfect the common areas for each work shift
  • Will desinfect the game rooms between each group
  • Will accept all usual payment types. Cash will be desinfected with alcool lotion.
  • Will accept group of people that are not residing at the same adress
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