Hangover in Vegas

Exit Évasion



The plan was to party in Vegas on the eve of your best friend’s wedding and get back in time to attend the ceremony… but…

After a crazy and intoxicating night, you wake up in a five-star hotel room without remembering anything. Where does the bike come from? Why are you handcuffed? Why all this mess? Where could you have put the wedding ring? And especially how to get out of the room since the front door is locked and the key is broken.

You only have one hour to recall the chain of events, find the ring and be at the wedding on time. It’s gonna be fun…


Number of Players

Two to six





Game Time

You have 60 minutes to solve the mission and live a unique experience.

Escape game

A unique
and original gift

Do you want to offer an original gift that will please a special someone? Offer a mission at Exit Evasion.