Prisoner on a forbidden island

Exit Évasion


Your dream holidays becomes the worst nightmare … From your 5-star hotel which was too boring you were tempted by a boat ride that brought you close to “Bagnagna Island” a strictly forbidden island where no one is allowed to set foot… Your taste for adventure makes you defy the rules which unfortunately leads you to disaster… You have been captured by the military guards of the ferocious “El Dictatore“ and you will be sentenced as a spy. No one has ever escaped from the island but a unique opportunity will come to you. In honor of the dictator’s birthday a one hour break is given to all the guards. One of them nicknamed “the guardian angel” might be able to help you… Take advantage of these precious 60 minutes to try to escape. If you get out and make it to the beach, a rescue team will be waiting for you. Be quick. You have 60 minutes, not one more!

Number of Players

Two to six





Game Time

You have 60 minutes to solve the mission and live a unique experience

Escape game

A unique
and original gift

Do you want to offer an original gift that will please a special someone? Offer a mission at Exit Evasion.


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